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Kegworth Village
Thursday 18th of January 2018
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Kegworth War Memorials

Lest We Forget

Their name liveth for evermore

Research carried out by Geoff Sewell - Courtesy of Kegword

The Kegworth War Memorials situated in the Church wall, paid for by public donations, maintained by the Parish Council, with the day-to-day cleaning and placing of flowers carried out by Shepshed Charnwood Rotary Club, list 58 men from the First World War and 14 from the Second World War who died in the conflicts.

For the Millennium edition of the Kegword, they listed those 72 men together with additional information that they were able to collect. There still remain several men for whom we either do not have any further details or who cannot be positively identified from the records: so if anyone is able to provide any information, then this would be appreciated.

The details behind the names on the plaques give various examples of poignant family tragedies and some tragic notes, in particular, July 14th 1916, when five Kegworth men died including two brothers. As mentioned, we would appreciate any additional information, stories or photographs that could be included, both here and in future issues of the magazine.

Having read through all the names and service details, perhaps you might give the Memorials more than a passing glance as you hurry by and remember the great sacrifice made by so many in two World Wars.

World War I
Rank Surname Forenames Service No. Date of Death Age Regiment etc
Private Archer John 8195 Wed. Nov4 1914 29 2nd Battalion York & Lancaster Regt.
Seaman Ball Charles R/5298 Sun. Aug25 1918   Hawke Battalion RN Div. Royal Naval Vol. Reserve
Private Baxter George 31852 Mon. April 23 1917 42 10th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys Regt.)
Gunner Bettsworth John William 162605 Sat. Sept 28 1918 38 353rd Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
Private Booth H        
Corporal Bowler Joseph 5879 Wed. May 12 1915 38 BCoy 1st Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys Regt.)
L/Corporal Cook John 29696 Sun. April 14 1918   2nd/7th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Private Corah James Henry PS/9800 Mon. Nov 13 1916   7th Battalion Royal Fusiliers
Private Corke Richard Arthur M2/183141 Thu Nov 30 1916 26 244th Mech Transport Coy Army Services Corps
Captain Crane James Robert   Wed May 8 1918 37 Army Veterinary Corps.
Private Cross Joseph Percy 12915 Sun. Sept 24 1916 23 D Coy 7th Battalion Leics. Regt.
Private Culpin Reginald 77656 Mon. July 1 1918 19 A Coy 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry
Corporal Doughty George 34487 Wed. July 31 1918   7th Battalion Leics. Regt.
Private Dumelow Harry 21468 Thu May 3 1917   9th Battalion Leics Regiment
Corporal Frisby (MM) H        
Private Gamble G        
Private Hallam W        
Private Hickling Harry 4186 Wed. Aug 16 1916 23 5th Battalion Leics Regiment
Lieutenant Hopkinson Edward   Mon April 23 1917   8th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys Regt.)
Private Horobin James 40711 Thu Sept 19 1918 22 1st Battalion Leics Regiment
Private Hudson W        
Private Hudson Peter Frederick 21150 Fri. July 14 1916 39 7th Battalion Leics Regiment
Private Hutchinson William 12922 Fri. July 14 1916 21 7th Battalion Liecs Regiment
Lieutenant Joyce George Edward   Wed.Sept 16 1916   10th Battalion attached to 7th Battalion Leics Regiment
Stoker Kent William K/9378 Thu June 1 1916   HMS Fortune, Royal Navy
L/Corporal Marchant Frederick 307640 Wed. Sept 26 1917 23 2nd/8th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys Regt.)
Private Marchant John Arthur 333919 Mon. March 18 1918 19 9th (Glasgow Highlanders) Batt'n Highland Light Inf.
Private Marshall William Cyril 59790 Thu April 25 1918 19 lst/5th Batt'n W. Yorks. Regt. (Prince of Wales Own)
Private Mellors John Frederick 18865 Mon. Sept 11 1916 22 1st Batt'n Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys Regt.)
Corporal Morgan Giles 6629 Sat. Feb 20 1915 31 1 st Batt'n Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys Regt.)
L/Corporal Newham Benjamin 241117 Mon. April 9 1917   2nd/5th Battalion Leics Regt.
Private North Samuel Hutchinson 28829 Thu Sept 30 1915 18 13th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regt.)
Private Orme Frederick 31802 Thu Jan 19 1917 35 6th Battalion York & Lancaster Regt.
Private Orridge F        
Lieutenant Pepper Bertram   Tues.Oct 1 1918 28 Royal Air Force
Gunner Poxon Harry James 129838 Wed. Aug 15 1917 30 346th Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
Captain Rothera C        
Private Rowbottom Edward 13760 Thu Aug 10 1916 28 4th Battalion Grenadier Guards
Corporal Salt George William 41399 Mon. April 9 1917   26th (Tyneside Irish) Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers
L/Corporal Sault Percy Henry 241762 Wed. April 17 1918 24 2nd/6th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys Regt.)
Private Saunders Bernard 33953 Tues. Nov 20 1917   1st Battalion Essex Regt.
L/Corporal Shillcross John Henry 8601 Sat. July 11916   8th Battalion York & Lanes Regt
Private Shillcross Frederick 20809 Fri. July 14 1916 28 7th Battalion Leics. Regiment
Private Shillcross William 12946 Fri. July 14 1916 32 7th Battalion Leics. Regiment
Private Sibson George Frederick 45933 Wed. Nov 29 1916 24 9th Batt'n Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys Regt.)
Private Smith F        
Private Stevenson J. G. 8311 Wed. Aug 23 1916 35 1st Battalion Lincolnshire Regt.
Private Sullins William Peter 1670 Wed. Aug 29 1917 37 16th Battalion Middlesex Regt.
Lt. Colonel Thornton DSO Geoffrey St. Leger   Mon.Feb4 1918 37 Royal Field Artillery
Private True George William 44577 Mon. 0ct28 1918   1st Battalion Yorkshire Regt.
L/Corporal Wallis James 201184 Fri. March 22 1918 25 2nd/4m Battalion Leics. Regt.
Private Wallis William 267458 Thu Sept 27 1917   2nd/7th Batt'n Sherwood Foresters
Rifleman Ward Frederick A/200130 Thu Oct 26 1916 21 C Coy 17th Battalion Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Private Watt Frank 47762 Sun. July 1 1917   2nd Battalion Sherwood Foresters
2nd Lieutenant Wilson John Hardy   Sat. April 7 1917 33 8th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys Regt.)
Gunner Woolley Benjamin 77549 Sat. Feb 3 1917   160th Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
L/Corporal Yates John 15202 Fri. July 14 1916   9th Battalion Leics. Regt.
Private Young Harold Ernest 243059 Sun. May 20 1917 25 lst/5th Batt'n Leics. Regiment
World War II
Rank Surname Forenames Service No. Date of Death Age Regiment etc
Stoker 1st Class Baxter Reginald Louis P/KX 602478 Fri Feb 17 1945 18 HMS Bluebell
Leading Aircraftman Bowler John Thomas 1355915 Fri Feb 5 1943 26 RAF Volunteer Reserve
Corporal Brooks Frederick Harold T/146677 Fri May 27 1944 29 Royal Army Service Corps
Boy 1st Class Buckley Cecil Arthur P/JX 154023 Wed. Jan 10 1940 17 HMS Nelson
Fusilier Buxton Thomas Henry 6982976 Sun.0ct29 1944 32 1st Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Boy 1st Class Hall William Roy P/JX 158939 Fri. Oct 14 1939 17 HMS Royal Oak
Flt Engineer Sgt Mooney John Francis Arthur 1817442 Wed. Feb 21 1945 24 576 Squadron RAF Volunteer Reserve
Air Gunner W.O. Page Ernest Henry John 625177 Tue Aug 15 1944 26 178 Squadron RAF
Private Pepper George 5117834 Tue Nov25 1941 28 1st Battalion Herts Regiment (Beds & Herts)
Lance Bombardier Robertson Andrew Keith 926948 Mon.Dec21 1942 27 4 Survey Regiment Royal Artillery
Trooper Shillcross George William 7939650 Mon.Apr6 1943 33 50th Royal Tank Regiment RAC
Private Smith John Arthur 14725064 Sat. May 26 1945 19 Leicestershire Regiment
Sergeant Pilot Walton Eric Egbert 1583692 Fri.Augl 1944 21 RAF Volunteer Reserve
Warrant Officer Walton William Henry 1443476 Mon. July 2 1945 23 267 Squadron RAF Volunteer Reserve

A more detailed list in MS Excel 97/2000 Format (Zipped)


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